Help : How change the textile upgrade ( 25 to 500 hitpoints)

Hey guy,

I am noob in modding so i wanted ask you something for understand how work the tuning pack :
How to change the value of texture upgrade
I can change cost, time , … but impossible to change the effect .
Imagine i want this upgrade add 500 hitpoint for each villager, where is the attributs to change that ?

TY alot for answer me and save me :smiley:


This is a good question. Many of the things I would like to change aren’t obvious at all.

I think that in your case the state_tree_references handle how much the villager health is upgraded. There are two references in there:
common_upgrade_ master\villager_health

I think that these are references to “code” such as SCAR (SCripting At Relic) or a c# function, for example.

If someone could tell us where to find these state_tree_references I would be forever grateful.

upgrade > ui_info > help_text_formatter > formatter_arguments > int_value > from 25 to 1000

If you want you can apply the Textile Upgrade to other entity units too

filter_conditions > apply_to_unit_classes > villagers > add (extra HP for other entities you want)

ui info Only represents the displayed numeric UI
Without any effect Mod (temporary) There are no such changes
May involve disclosure,Not open to players