Help: How do I post an ai as a mods ? AOE2DE


I want to submit one of my ai as a mods but I have no idea of how to do it.

Can you help me ?

This video by Alkhalim contains information about this specifically, even if the video name implies it’s only for scenarios: How to Publish Scenarios for Age of Empires 2: DE - YouTube.

It’s not an official guide but it worked well for me. :slight_smile:

its for a scenario not for ai

At 01:05 it is explained how and that is does work for AIs too.

To do it, instead of creating a file path with resources > common > scenario, create one with resources > common > ai. Then put your file in there and you will be fine.

I probably doesn’t get it yet give me time

That exactly what I did and yet the ai doesn’t really install himself
heres a link of the file I made:

You didn’t put your files in the correct path.

Your files “builder market.per”, “buider resign.per” and “buider upgrades.per” have to be placed in the folder named “Constants”, then open your file “Avarosan.per” and type the following code:

(load “Constants\builder market”)
(load “Constants\buider resign”)
(load “Constants\buider upgrades”)
and save the file.
Now your mod is ready to be used.

I solve it the Real problem was from the math file I put thé ressources folder into another folder and actually i just had to zip the ressources and post it on the forum