[HELP] How to set Win/Lose conditions?

I am writing a scenario with Erik the Red as protagonist and I want to set a trigger, if he dies player lose the game, and if he reaches a certain unit (boat, construction, etcetera) player wins.

How to? Please help!

It’s pretty easy and intuitive. Triggers work like this: If conditions pass, effects are executed. If there is no condition, effect executes instantly. In your case, you should make a trigger with one condition —> destroy object —> select object erik the red. Then add effect —> declare victory ----> player X (your enemy). You can also set the trigger to be displayed as objective. In that case, the trigger description will appear on your map instructions. Remember to set trigger on starting game “on” (but usually this is the default setting). You can finally add different details like display instructions with a message from a soldier of yours saying something like “we lost our leader” or anything else. As for the case of the other trigger, you should create condition ----> Bring object to area / Bring object to object and set up which object has to reach other one or a certain area. Then add effect ----> Declare victory ----> player 1. I encourage you to explore the options that the trigger menu offers. You can add so much features and details to your map.


Sorry for the late reply, long workshifts. Thanks!