help!I can't play cooperative campaign.

When I create a cooperative campaign and start the game, I will enter a random map and prompt ‘AI script error’, so how can I solve this problem

What is your process for starting a co-op campaign? Are you playing with anyone else?

Of course, I play co-op with my friends. start from the main page and host the game

I assume you are on the currently updated version of the game? The best advice could be to fill in a bug report, which will make it more likely that the devs will look at it.

I thought it would be, but I wanted to check, in case you were doing quick matched or something. I think that’s a thing for co-op campaigns?

Yes, I play the latest version. So where should I go for bug reports

Just the forums, and create a new topic in the bug report section. Fill in as many details as possible.

Ok,i see.Thank you for your replay