Help me understand stone walls

So I have noticed that enemies climb my stone walls with ease, without the need of a siege tower. They climb from one gate, go down on another and all good and chill, the enemy priests “just passing” picking up relics and stuff. It seems the only thing stopping them from doing this is locking the gate. How come? Is my civil engineer a moron that puts the access door in the external side of the gate? Do I have to specify which side is the “inside” somehow?

Or maybe this is a known bug and I should just wait for the patch? Kindly give me some understanding here. Many thanks.

When you build a gate on a stone wall, you actually DO need to tell the villager which side is the inside and which is outside. (Look for an arrow on the UI when placing the gate)

If you mess this up, enemy units with access to the “inside” basically own your walls. They’ll climb up and will go down the other side as if the walls are not even yours.

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Ah, so interesting. I have never noticed the arrow. Does the arrow point to the “inside” side? And how can one change the side?

The arrow points towards the outer side. You can change direction by moving the mouse from one side of the wall to another.

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