Help MS to choose the name for the new AOE studio

As we know, MS has announced a new studios focused on AOE franchise. This studio Is actually named “Age of Empires” but this Is not the definitive name as Adam Isgreen explained to Resetera forum

He said:
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Joseph said:

I kinda wish the AoE team had a cool name.
We do, it just hasn’t cleared legal yet. Once that’s done and the logo is in place, we’ll show it off.

cartoon_soldier said:

Wololo Studios?
Nope! But we did consider that one… and over a hundred others. You’d be amazed (or really, not, in this day and age) how hard it is to find a name that some LLC or side business doesn’t already use.

So, try to share here our ideas.


Sage (of Empires) Games Studio :wink:

Some ideas:

Rassemble Studios - Nod to Ensemble (“Together” in French) and meaning to gather - i.e. putting the band back together again.

Siege Workshop Studios - We all know this is where the action happens

Well they have already chosen a name for the studio, he says there they are just waiting for legalities.


I have always wanted to use “The Digital Construct” if I ever to found a game studio (which I will soon, but currently doing internship at Nitrome)

I hope it becomes an instant classic, like the name Ensemble was.

Essemble Empires Game studio

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Sucked The Life Out Of It And Closed It Studios.


Here are some suggestions on the top of my head:

  • Elite Empires Studios

  • Microsoft RTS Empires

  • MS RTS Universe

  • MS Empire Worlds

  • Microsoft Empire Studios

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I don’t know dude. I fear MS hears that name again, and shuts down the studio again. Maybe just add Forgotten Empires to their studio list. They are made of AOE fans so they will be better option.

Actually, I thought about it for a second, maybe they should just call themselves Forgotten Empires. They should add this studio to their MS division. Would be much better.

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Age Labs or Empires Labs. :smile:

Name it after one of the units, like idk, Scout Ship Studios XD

Through the Ages (team/lab/studio)