Help: new mods for deaf person "Aoe 2 DE"

Good afternoon, I ask the developers or someone who knows how to make mods to make one so that the visualization effects accompany the sounds, I am a deaf person who cannot hear when it emits a sound, for example, it is attacking me and I do not realize it, so I ask someone who knows how to develop a mod so that it can give accessibility to deaf people, there I upload a video as an example.

the red border, is that it is attacking, the yellow one, is that the watchtower detects enemy movements, there are more different sounds can put another color border, who can help? I would appreciate.



hi i am a french player, i play with deaf people and i search a mods for deaf people too but never see that. If you find a mods for deaf i will be happy to know

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Mods out there, this is really a must, I think! It should even be in the stock game. Upvote this guy, and if you know devs, tag them.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to achieve it as a mod. The only way I can think of would be an external overlay that would read the event “You’re being attacked” and turn it into something visually more “flashy”. But such overlay would be flagged as cheating, unless the developers themselves decided to add it in-game. So, I guess we can just hope they recognise this as useful and eventually decide to do something about it, just as they added the color-blind mode.


I don’t think this is under the area of modding, as what mods can do is limited.

However, I do believe this feature should be added by official developers as part of accessibility of the game.

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I put the question to the developer, I’m waiting for their answer

so u just want to replace the alarm sounds with a visual effect? i dont remember if the game alerts you to simply spotting the enemy, but the minimap blinks the unit that is under attack. i will look into it and see what i can find. i remember cnc games ra2 specifically had a blinking rotating square that would shrink down to the spot on the minimap where u the alarm was going off, i wish aoe had that as it is sometimes easy to miss whete the alarm is coming from