Help on a civ

I am New brand new to the group, i am also older lets say 5 decades+ and as such dont have time to read every topic, im also a little slow on modern terminology and not overly familiar with stuff in general.

My Question;

I know there was a civ in previous versions that covered Celts but is there or will there be New civs that cover the individual peoples, eg , Irish - Scottish - Welsh? in this version AOE4 at any time?

The story of Brian Boru for the Irish maybe, 1st High king of all Ireland
or maybe Fionn Mac ######## and the Fianna

William Wallace for the Scots or the story of the Bonnie Prince.

Or King Artur for the Welsh ?

would these be Practical or is there already something i am missing due to my poor knowledge on add ons or extras or what ever you call, additional campaigns.

Regards and thanks in advance.

They usually don’t announce these things in advance. So we don’t know. Currently there is not.

Thank you, for reply.

Do Dev’s or people actually in the company reply in these forums or is it like certain others forums I’ve been on where they dont really care about player base opinions and just ban and restrict those who have negative issues to raise, Like the Wargaming forums. only a question BTW.

While AOE2 civs were focused on peoples or cultures, the AOE4 civ is more around countries/nations. While I could see a Scotland or Wales or some other civ in British Isles maybe possibly being added eventually, there are a lot more large areas that currently don’t have a civ (Iberia, Italy, SEA, kind of India)

It’s pretty rare to see devs respond in the forums unless maybe bug reports, but I think that might be because forum-goers can be pretty toxic.

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Well, there is really nothing announced at the moment about new civs already defined for 2024, although well this is normal, since the expansions of the age franchise have always been a surprise.

At least the last expansion, Sultans Ascend (only 3 days ago) brought 2 of the 13 aoe2 civs (Bizantines and Japanese), but also 4 variants completely unrelated to age ii civs.

That being the case, I don’t see why the devs shouldn’t release civs like Scots (instead of Celts) or Koreans, Persians, and Vikings in the future. Although the Vikings will be released as Norwegians or Danes and Swedes.

I’m not sure about Welsh, perhaps as an English variant to represent the old kingdom of Welsh and Welsh independence rebellions against the English crown, of course with another set of landmarks and some new mechanics.

What is done a lot in the forum to predict, suggest or inspire new civs is to create topics to discuss what a new civ of a certain kingdom, nation, sultanate would be like, or create entire Concepts of what such a civ could be like. At least with India, Native Americans and Spain there are enough topics to discuss how they could be represented in the game.

How this game itself was made thanks to suggestions, sketches and testing from its community. Something must influence the creation of future civs and expansions. If you would like to contribute to the concepts or discussion of possible new civs in a region, you are gladly invited.

Scotland / wales could be a English variant.
I think they were invaded by england during middle ages.

Thank you very much, great answer and covered all my queries, really appreciated.
Id love to help, I am Irish and this country has a enormous wealth of history , Ireland being Older and its people actually dating back 100s of years before England was put together by peoples from everywhere.
Irelands Influence is Not covered because of the British Empires size and notoriety yet many of the Major Countries in the world today have very high % of their beginning was built off Irish e.g. something like 33% of USA can trace their ancestors back to Ireland - Histories of Nations like Argentina - Colombia - Chile - Brazil have Irish influence in their creation, with over 40,000,000 USA citizens of Irish Decent, and in relation, so many historical events in England and Scotland Dont cover the true Influence of Irish, Like the Fact that a very high Precent of Scottish are originally clans that went there from Ireland and most the major rebellion’s in Scotland had Massive Irish support, Also the French history is full of Irish from the Flight of the earls in Ireland when leading Clan members went to France and took positions in the French Military in their fight against English oppression. Canada with near 5 Million of Irish decent, Australia 8 millions of Irish decent, Built of Irish people who had their land and property stolen by the English and were called criminals for fighting back were sent on prison ships to Australia and became the base that Australia is currently, Even England itself, has over 15,000,000 who are of Irish decent, and some of their most famous Military engagements were of Irish Units, Example The key Irish units in the British army present at Waterloo were the 1st Battalion of the 27th (Inniskilling) and two cavalry units—the 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons and the 18th (King’s Irish) Hussars, In fact, approximately one-third of Wellington’s ‘British’ troops were actually Irish, as were many of his officers. In this way, these Irishmen contributed to the formation of modern Europe, but their contribution has been forgotten, in Ireland and elsewhere. you have Units like the Royal Irish and Irish Guards and a lot more smaller in todays English army. Even the Vikings who ran over the entire country of before what is now known as England emerged did NOT conquer the Entire Island of Ireland back then as the Irish were not as easily conquered with basic military sword and shield and spear, maybe my bias but they were better warriors, warriors on par with the Vikings BUT the modern Bias and inflated build that the Viking were in some way these monsters of men and everyone else paled is a deluded Idea created by fantasists, The Irish Beat the Viking out of most of Ireland for the entirety that Vikings tried to take over but its modern day bias story tellers that inflate the Vikings and the Saxons and Normans and dont tell the true story of the unbeatable Irish during Viking times. There are soo many more facts that are never made into film or game cause its normally English Bias who wont tell the stories or People from Other countries who know nothing of Irish History and only tell the fabricated stories of the English, FACT, Take the Irish and Scots and Welsh out of early English Military and they FAIL in a massive % of what they done, Then the so called British Empire would Never have started or existed, and in later times the current British empire, which was won because of the ENFORCED help from soo many other nations peoples would never have grown, When the English Started, it was / is called the creation of the British Empire yet when the Germans and Hitler started it it was ?? Lots of real facts and history get thrown out for whatever reason, its not right. so games like this can bring Real facts about nations creations to the people, truthfully and correctly.

Hi Marc, i mean this in respect.

Irish and Scotland and Wales are the Original peoples of the entire Islands and are Celtic, the Celtic People existed Long before 100s 1000s of years before the current country of England was made, England was made from Mostly Northern Europeans from many areas, who founded areas in the Island that they stole from the Celts, The Celts were warriors and a fighting people BUT they did not have the armour and wealth, it was armour that was the reason they won, not fighting ability. Scotland and Wales were there when England was nothing only a handful of Kingdoms, so never call those with more history legacy a variant of a nation that was made from murder #### theft by Foreigners who stole the land.