Help please 101 my Key alredy in use Age of Empires 3 complete edition


Help please 101 my Key alredy in use Age of Empires 3 complete edition

22.11.2012 i buy AOE 3 complete edition on steam okay i only have 32 hours play time …
now some friends have the game and want to play with me but i can register online because someone else has it
i found the player name and secret question is in a different language it cant be me

after 2 hours caling Microsoft i was told i have an old key and there is an issue i should because Microsoft take the game later…
now as im waiting for Microsoft life chat support ( about 2 and a half hours ) i thought i might ask here to
if someone else has had same …

i found a reg patch that should fix it also doesn’t work …

sry for my english and thank you for help


Hello, the recovery tool unfortunately doesn’t work on a reinstalled game off Steam - it displays a completely random account name that is not yours nor tied to your CD key. If you do not remember your original account credentials, I’m afraid nothing can be done - only one ESO account per unique CD key is allowed. In order to obtain a new ESO account, you would have to buy another copy of the game on a different Steam account to get yourself a new CD key, then use the registry script and enter the new CD key to gain the ability to create one more ESO account.


If you send me a personal message on this forum then I can help you. I can help you with a solution so you can play this game again