HELP please! Configuration for AOE III DE

Hello, can I run the game properly at high resolution (1080p not 4K) with 8 GB of Ram or do I need 16 GB of Ram?
I have intel 5 10400F and GTX 1650 plus.
Tanks for your answers

Its will run but Im not sure itll be able to handle large / long battles , it’ll frame drop or something maybe. 16 GB would be recommended if u can get it, other wise u can play with this configuration too, and later if u feel the the need u can get 8 more GBs of RAM

ok thank you but is it sill worth it ?
I suppose it will be the same for AOE 4 ?

Well TBH a 16 GM RAM is basic nowadays , especially if u are gaming, i would recommend to get a 16 GB RAM regardless of whatever game u playing

AoE4 will run on current config too IMO, how much so , that only can be said after the release. I have a Ryzen5 4600H GTX1650ti 16gb + 512gb SSD config in one of my laptops, on that laptop the game runs smooth at normal settings

ok thank you for your time

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RAM is probably the cheapest PC component to upgrade, I would definitely recommend to get more.