Help, please

Hello. I am new to the forums so I hope I am posting in the correct section.

Could you please tell me how can I publish my mod(it’s a map) so 2 of my friends can subscribe to it. I am not sure how to do that. I don’t want to play it from the “custom scenario” option because settings wouldn’t be the same. I am thankful to anyone who would help me.


Note: Before you read all this, I’m assuming that your mod is a map created in the scenario editor, rather than a random map script? If it is, read on.

Okay, do you know how to open the mod manager? Under settings there should be a mods option. Open this. It’s easiest if you subscribe to a mod for this next part, so if you haven’t, I might recommend small trees as something to subscribe to. Once you have downloaded a mod, now go over to the “My Mods” section. In there, all the mods you are subscribed to should show up. Click on one of them, and click the “Open Directory” button. This will open a file path for a subscribed mod. I think it should be something like Mods > Subscribed > Your mod or something. If it is, go back to the point where you are in the folder “Mods”. One of the subfolders should be “Local”, click it. If you can’t find it, just go back a few more folders in the directory and search for local. Once you find the local directory, open it, and create a new folder inside it. Give it the title of your scenario or map. Then, open that folder, and inside it create another folder. Give this the title “resources”, spelt like that. Inside that, create yet another folder, this time titled “scenario”. Now it is set up. Keeping this tab open, go back to the original game. Open up the scenario editor, not an actual map, just the large database that lets you select and manage your scenarios. In the bottom right there should be a button “Open Directory”. Click it, and it will open up a folder with all your maps/scenarios in it. Select the one you want to publish, and copy it. Now paste it into the folder we just created before, the one titled “scenario”. Now, go back to the game, and open the mod manager again. This time, go the the “My Mods” area. Near the bottom should be a button that says “Import Local”. Click it, and your map mod should appear. Select it, and press publish, then wait for it to be searchable in the mod manager. I really hope that A) That all makes sense, and B) It’s accurate, because I did it all from memory. Anyway, good luck! :smiley:

Also, you could have also posted this in either the AoE2 DE Mods section, or the Ask for Help section, but this is fine for now. Welcome to the forums.

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TheConqueror, huge thanks for your words and time! thank you so much, truly. :smiley:

I followed every step your typed and the mod appeared but it is 0.00 megabytes. I guess there is something more to it. Maybe the .json file. Please, do let me know if you have a work around for this. Again, thanks a lot!

and if I may add, is it possible to create a random script map without the editor? or something! I am confused. thank you man

I think you can try going on T-West’s discord to get answers for your modding questions.

Yeah, I’ve had that happen with some of my mods before, I’m not actually sure why it does the 0.00 megabytes thing. So I don’t think I have a workaround as of right now. My original post does cover the basics of publishing a mod though, although the file paths will vary depending on what you want to publish, so it’s possible that I gave you the wrong one from memory and that’s why it has the 0.00 issue. Were you able to actually publish it?

No, I don’t think so. Random map scripts are actual files of code that get written out and give the game instructions on how to generate a map. For example, Arabia is a random map script that comes with the game. The file path for one of those would be totally different, though, so I’m assuming you made a map with the editor, which is my personal preference, especially if you are anything like me and are making scenarios that can end up with upwards of several hundred triggers. I don’t actually know how to write RMS’s, but I know that you can’t do it using the editor. Hope that helps.

I was able to publish it yes but it is 0.00 mgs still. Anyways, I appreciate your time and help :smiley:. Thank you! have a good day/night.

I will try to do that. Thank you

Ok then. Just wondering, what type of map was it? Was it a scenario, or just a map? I don’t think it affects if it can be published, I’m just interested.

I am not sure what your exactly asking. It is a 2v2 map. I made it by using the Editor and when I want to play it I have to choose the option “custom scenario” which I don’t want cuz it has different game settings. But some of the mods I have contain some maps that I can select from the “random maps” options or just as choosing an official map. only like that, the civ settings can be applied.

Okay, so it’s a map. If it was a scenario it would use triggers.