[HELP] Unsuccessful use of Language Mods

I have a mod that edits language files for in game, you can find that mod here: https://www.ageofempires.com/mods/details/3858/

My issue is that I don’t get any errors (looked everywhere for logs on my machine, nothing) when I submit my language mod, subscribe to it, and try to play any game with it. The mod essentially doesn’t load, no matter how many times I unsubscribe and resubscribe to that mod. I have resubmitted my mod multiple times, and no luck there. I checked the file for any potential errors in the text, but also found nothing there (it should be completely fine).

Is there an issue with loading up language mods right now? I can tell you that my data mods indeed load without any issues, it’s so far just language mods not loading when subscribed to.

I have submitted so many questions and bugs and none ever really helps or answer even after weeks of waiting and I’d hate to be in your position. I have spent days if not weeks to make sure language mod worked with my data mod so i’ll leave something here.

after you subscribe to the language mod, you need to make sure it is on the highest priority and disable all other language mod (for possible unknown conflicts). then restart the game, it should now work.

(all this assuming your language mod has the correct folder path)

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He actually reported on Discord, that he has already solved his problem. He should have wrote about how he solved it in this topic to help any other people encountering the same issue.

Whoops, forgot to post my updates here, my bad. I did indeed fix my issues, it just took some patience.

I honestly did nothing different, so it must have been a loading issue on the backend that was adjusted somehow (not by me).

exactly. you did nothing different except loading up the game again. @Yorok0 which is explained in my 2nd post. after you put it on highest priority. restart the game. this will guarantee it to show up