Help with ai personality none

Hi guys,

New to forums, hope you guys can help me with this player’s (AI) personality issue I have…

Setting it to “none” has villagers still try walking around and do stuff.

Now I have couple of task triggers for them (maybe that’s why they switch from “none”…, dunno). Anyway, half of them still leave their set task and go explore or do whatever…

How can I deal with this? I’m doing a scenario and this breaks it…

Thanks for reading trough,

Download one of the immobile AIs, there should be some online, or on the mod manager.

If you want to create an immobile AI yourself, go to AoE2DE\resources\_common\ai and create an empty .ai file and an empty .per file with a notepad software. Make sure the .ai and .per files both have the same name (e.g., Immobile.per). Then, paste the following block of code into your .per file:

(defrule	;this rule has FACTS and ACTIONS to keep VILLAGERS still
	(set-strategic-number sn-maximum-food-drop-distance 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-maximum-wood-drop-distance 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-maximum-gold-drop-distance 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-maximum-hunt-drop-distance 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-maximum-stone-drop-distance 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-food-gatherer-percentage 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-wood-gatherer-percentage 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-gold-gatherer-percentage 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-stone-gatherer-percentage 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-cap-civilian-explorers 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-percent-civilian-explorers 0) 
(defrule	;this rule has FACTS and ACTIONS to keep TROOPS still
	(set-strategic-number sn-percent-enemy-sighted-response 100)
	(set-strategic-number sn-hits-before-alliance-change 25)
	(set-strategic-number sn-number-explore-groups 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-percent-attack-soldiers 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-task-ungrouped-soldiers 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-number-attack-groups 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-enemy-sighted-response-distance 10)
	(set-strategic-number sn-total-number-explorers 0)
	(set-strategic-number sn-relic-return-distance 0)

This code was taken from ADVANCED Immobile Units AI v1.1.