Help with attack move

hi guys, for months i’m wondering several thinks about attack move basically:
How it works?
When is convenient to use it?

Use it with skirms to kite, use attack move then walk back and attack move again. Also with cavalry use attack move just in front of the units you want to attack, avoids them bunching up all on 1 unit.


Attack move is super bugged since releasing of DE, ihave posted before, no one cares.

If you attack moves a group of units in front of another group, towards enemy direction, your units are supposed to fight all enemy along the path until final destination is reached. (That is how it works in aoe2 at least, which is perfect)

In aoe3, your units will fight enemy along the path for about 5 secs, and then ignore all enemy and walk straight to the final destination.

That means your units walk into enemy and die without fighting back.

Another thing is attack move a group of units, they will stuck on attacking a section of useless fortified wall along the path, which is so silly and stupid. Again in aoe2 it is correctly implemented, units won’t auto attack wall, they will only attack when you click the wall.

This thing is so frustrating that I quit aoe3 and went playing aoe2. No wonder aoe2 is way more popular!