Help with Campaign Creation Guide

Hi there, is anyone can me explain “how to create my own campaign as mod for steam”?
I have good skill in mapping, i can deal with .json, but i cannot understand…what i need to create a full playable campaign?

I’m trying to replace an another mod and copy in my “local” folder at c:/username/568790385/mods/local, but the game didn’t see it.

Is anybody have a good skill at this? Please help.

Thanks in advance

You know how to make the layout and slide?If you not ,please leave email below and I will send you the turtorial about how to make a compelete mod.

If you have a Facebook account i’ll be glad to chat with you =)

Sorry,I cannot use the facebook,maybe qq or email a good choice.

hm, are you from China isn’t it?
maybe better try to install wechat?

okay, i’ll see materials:
Thanks =)

I have wechat and qq but qq is public and wechat is private.

I will send you tonight ,thanks for waiting.