Help with 'masterpiece' achievement


I just beat three other players 1v1v1v1 and the masterpiece achievement did not unlock. I think it was because one of the players left the “?” in the selection so there were 3 players without team and 1 player with team (only himself so effectively making it a 4 free4all).

As I am not that great at this game (I got lucky against the other three players), could someone help me with this ? I am willing to return the favor.


As far as i know, you need to win a 1v3 to unlock this achievement and not a 1v1v1v1.

Has anyone managed to get this achievement legitimately without scheming with other players so that they will lose on purpose?

Thanks. Could be it.

I am at 1200 elo. honestly, I think I could beat maybe 3 500 elo players but this sounds like too much hastle. thank you for the replies any way. Help is still welcome.

I did this playing legit vs friends, but it was in HD edition.
Maybe creating “3 noobs v 1 pro” as a custom lobby could help you achieve it. Unless, well… u bad…