Help with Scenario #4 of the Tariq Ibn Zayid campaign

I’m now stuck on the fourth scenario of the Tariq Ibn Zayid campaign, which is incredibly difficult for me to solve. I have to go through some labyrinthine mountains, but I don’t know my way. Also, I struggle to destroy the large Asturian base in the center of the map, after going through those frostbite-inducing cliffs. I have a large number of forces with me, but the Asturians make short work of all my men. I have so few force and so many enemies to face, and the Asturians’ base is difficult to destroy due to all their troops. Are there any ways around this issue, or should I avoid them altogether?

Oh, THAT scenario.

If you play on lower difficulties, the tech that makes camel units regenerate health is researched so feel free to use them so long that they do not die, especially the camel archers. This allows using them in the mountain passes alongside your hero and slowly defeat enemy troops. In hard difficulty though, for the mountain passes I’m afraid you’re doomed to the slow torture of making your genitour hero hit and run the enemy forces…

Anyway keep your non-regenerative troops safely before the mountain pass and let your troops with health regen do all the work there. Then once clear cross your entire army as quickly as you can to limit attrition.

As for the base in the center of the map, if my memory is right you can ignore it entirely.

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This is probaly the worst scenario in the game, you’re not alone
When you are stuck with a scenario I recommend looking up either Ornlu’s or T-West’s channels
Here’s the link to Ornlu’s video, you can also check the comments for things his viewers came up and Ornlu didn’t think about

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While we’re mentionning our favourite wolf, the last third of this video is him rating (well, rather ordering siege onagers to fire at will at) this campaign.

Spoiler alert this scenario definitely contributed to the D-tier of that campaign.

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Choose west and fight the green (Basques) but careful in the last parts with ambush from both red and green.
If you go to western and eastern village, your troops will get armor and attack upgrades
Use your camels wisely

Okay, you seem to need help with quite a lot of the scenarios. I would strongly recommend just using the AoE2 wiki to help you play it, as well as the you-tube channels mentioned by others. Here is the link for the scenario you are having trouble with: Crossing the Pyrenees | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom, just search for any other scenarios you are finding tricky, or watch the videos on either Ornlu’s or T-West’s channels, because the suggestions on the forums will pretty much be one of these things.