Help with Tamerlane Campaign, Scenario #4

I am currently on the fourth scenario for the Tamerlane campaign, and it’s difficult for me to complete. Not only is Delhi such a huge and well-fortified city, but I have a time limit–I don’t do well under pressure. How do I successfully take the city of Delhi with so little time (I have no problem taking the village, though)?

Same as alwais, don’t let the timer and pressure to take you. Trust me, I too had this problem once too, now most of the mission with a timer are the easiest to me.

After the battle, boom, boom and boom like there is no tomorrow, focus on eco and at the same time use the reamining of your army to raid the villages to get extra resources.

Then when you have the resources start building some caslte near on of the gate of the city (some tiles out of the defences range) and train trebs, us the UT, the extra range help. As for the rest of the army, go for FU CA and hussars, you can even spam hussars from 10 or more stables and just send them inside to raid the city and kill the enemy siege treatening your trebs.

In any case, just take one sector of the city at the time, the defenders don’t really try to push you if you aren’t in their vicinities, so take out all the military buildings of a sector, then proceed with the next one, and so on.

But really the key is to not let the timer to get you under pressure, and rush your attack before you are ready, or having cleared the sector. If you lose because of it, just try again, the next time you’ll know better what your opponent do and what you did wrong.

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What’s UT, FU, and CA? So the time isn’t much of a problem?

UT → Unique Tech, he means Timurid Siegecraft (Imperial Age tech in Castle)
FU → Fully Upgraded
CA → Cavalry Archer

Unique Tecnology, the 2 techs at the castle with the crow. Research them both, one gives you more armor for your cavalry, the other give you more range to the trebs.

Exactly, thanks @anon45959656

Be sure to pick all the tecnologie for the units that’ll use.

You start with a lot of resources, so build town centers, train villagers to gather more resources. Research as soon as you can the techs that you need, and build a lot of military buildings, really like 10/15 ranges, 10/15 stables, so to faster training your soldiers, and about 3/5 castles, every time closer to the city.

dont care about the timer, taking down delhi is not a hard task once your eco is set up, try and boom while raiding some locals for side quests and then when u have 20 to 25 minutes left start training an army (mostly hca but adding in hussars is also a good idea) and go attack delhi with timurid siegecraft trebs, from what i remember delhi has camels longswords xbows and elephants so it should be easy to kill them

What’s HCA? I don’t understand some of these abbreviations.

Also, how do I counter the camel riders, longsword warriors, xbowmen, and elephants?

HCA is heavy cavalry archer.

Longswords can be countered by pretty much knights, xbows, and cav archers.
Crossbows lose to skirms, knights in solid numbers, or even superior numbers of cav archers.

As tatars your basic army should be cavalry archers + either knights/keshiks/svout cavalry line units as a meat shield.
Back this up with siege

60 cavalry archers with a few monks (always remember monks)