Help with Tamerlane Campaign Scenario #6

I am trying to work on the sixth and final scenario of the Tamerlane campaign, but I don’t know what to do. I definitely have to defend my base, but it’s difficult to locate the bases I have to destroy to determine my value to potential allies. What do I do?

build eco like a standard boom game and with the initial army explore along the corners. You’ll get many optional subtasks but as you do each of them, you’ll get some more army or blacksmith upgrades for free. Just scout with Hussars to find blue’s camps and destroy them. Build some defensive castles and get all army upgrades before the timer runs out and you’ll be good to win.

Just follow the objectives. Deal with all the green camps while you have the time. Avoid the big teal camp. Completing all the objectives will weaken your main enemy and strengthen your army. Destroying blue camps will unlock techs for you, so you can save a ton of resources. After that, just make the right counter units to deal with the AI army.

How do I counter men with cannons, though, as well as the cannons themselves?

It’s difficult to find anything on the map.

Stable > Light Cavalry > click into places on the map

As always, boom.

Build multiple TCs, and train a lot of vills, and when you have about 100 vills, start building military buildings, castles, and some bombard towers spread around your base, all this in the planes and hills north of the main ottoman base.
Also, as soon as you can, send the keshiks (that have to be elite) to the yellow castle, so to have an ally.

In the meantime, grab all your starting military units, and go one at the time at all the military bases around the main ottoman camp (you can ignore the red for now). Some will ask to complete some side quest, others will join you, others again will attack you, but still it’s better to kill them now, than later with the main assault. Destroy also all other small ottoman bases around the main one.

If you complete, all those side quests, the main attack should be quite weak, and should break into your defensive castle and BBT. Also, when you have that famous 100 vills, start upgrading your military units at max, and spam as much as you can. Hussars, cavalry archers and trebs are as always your best friends as tartars.

Before this attack, don’t worry about your main base, maybe just let the foot soldiers there (if you have some of them at the start, I don’t remember) but anyway your base is mostly safe at the start.

Then, when you killed the ottoman, and the sultan have fled south, you can breathe. You have to destroy the red now (lol I actually was able to kill it before the main ottoman assault, they are fortified, but aren’t that hard to kill).

For the last ottoman base, just rebuild some castle and military buildings near the 2 entrances. They will mainly be on the defensive, with their super ranged gunpowder units (BBC, ECG and BBT). They won’t threaten your base anymore, but it’ll take time to dislodge them. Just hit them for distance with trebs, and spam hussars inside.

Hussars, and CA if your micro is good. But mainly hussars and keshiks, so melee cavalry.

Just loop around the enemy base with your cavalry army. And complete the side quests. You can also train some more cavalry units once you get those vills out, to maybe have a second army to complete those side quests.

CA? What is that supposed to be?

Cavalry Archer is what ca stands for

How do I unlock Hussars in so little time?

I don’t remember if you start in imp or in castle age now, but anyway, you should have a lot of resources if I’m not mistaken.

Just build a lot of town centers as first thing right at the start, use one to age up to imp and the other ones to train a lof of vills (at least near 100 of them), with all those vills gathering resources, you should be able to afford the hussar upgrade, and all other upgrades for the cavalry.

While doing so, keep using your starting army to destroy the secondary camps around the main one.

As always, don’t let the time pressure you, if you are calm, there is plenty of time to do everything you need to do.