Help with the Scenario Editor

I am trying to use the scenario editor to make a custom scenario, but there are no resources I can place on the map. What do I do?

If you mean gold, stone etc then go the the Units tab, select player Gaia and select “Other”.

Little outdated but I recommend the faq at aokh for all kinds of questions about the editor: Scenario Design FAQ: LOOK HERE BEFORE POSTING! - Age of Kings Heaven Forums

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Also, the “animal” resources such as Deer and Wild Boar are located in the Units tab for the Gaia player.

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go to unit than other than change the player to gaia, and there you go

Now I am trying to create objectives for the game, especially if something happens. What I want to do is make it where you have to provide an ally with resources so it could survive a siege from enemies. I especially want there to be a scenario if my forces cut down some trees, another player(s) would become hostile to me.

That is easy: Condition1 :destroy object (set the tree) new effect: change diplomacy (player 1 enemy player 2)

i dont understand the phrasing of this

Here’s a quick tutorial on using triggers in the scenario editor: