Help with triggers and tribute + alliances in Editor

I wonder how do you set up a trigger where you give a certain amount of resources to another player, that player becomes your ally. I am working on my own scenario, and I want to make an alliance with player 3 after I give 500 (stone) to it. What do I do?

Does player 3 gather stone on his own?
if not, it is pretty simple.

Originally, yes; afterwards, I changed that. However, even after I did that, I still can’t set up a perfect trigger for that. What do I do?

Is the player using a custom AI or does it make use of the default AI?

If you don’t care about the type of resource, you can use the condition “Accumulate Attribute”. Set source player as the desired AI and the select attribute “Tribute from player 1”. Then set quantity to the desired number like 500.

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