Help with undoing cheat command

Hello, I used a console command to enter a cheat " Smorgasbord – Sets all your resources to 100000." I did this to learn the game better. Now I want to play the game as is without cheats but every time I start a new skirmish I have 100000 of every resource without having to enter the cheat. I don’t want that to happen. Is there a way to remove this from happening? I have deleted all the files of Age of Empire and tried to uninstall and reinstall the game with no luck. I’m playing the game on PC threw Xbox game pass. Thank you

There is an option called Starting Resources under the Game Setup tab on the right when you are trying to launch a skirmish. That option might be set to Maximum in your case. Setting it to Standard should fix it.

OMG. I feel stupid, thank you [CalamityChan] that worked. Time wasted when I could have been playing. Just got the game yesterday.

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Join the discord too if you haven’t.

Not sure how much you plan on using the forums, but if you want to ping someone, put the @ in front of their name, like this @DLMMIST.

ok will join thank you tryingto get a better understanding of the game before playing online.