HELP wont display properly


hi all, i just bought the game and i added images, wont display properly, the only proper display is when im in game menu where i can select learn how to play but then after i click it the display goes super tiny, cant even read the gathered material as its too small


I am having the same problem. It looks like there is static on the screen once the game is launched and i’m in the main menu. Once I start to play, the colors jump all over the place and its impossible to play the game.

Hopefully they see more than one person with the same problem and help?
Let me know if you find a fix.


Hey, I have the exact same problem, it isn’t that tiny but still is impossible to play, could you fix it or not ?


HD uses your display resolution. You need to lower that before starting the game. If you search for Ozhara’s Mod Manager, I believe it has a setting to do that automatically pre-game