So my 9 year old laptop finally died, and I was given another one, so I went to reinstall AOE3 everything seemed to dl and install fine but no icon was created on the desktop, nor is there any .exe file that i can find to launch the game.
I remember speaking to someone at tech support years ago when I had this same issue when i lost the cds during a move and repurchased AOE3 complete from amazon. I know there is a wayto fix it I just cant remember how. Ive searched the site for either a phone number or chat live option for support, but cant find it.
I attached a picture of the folder, can anyone tell me what i am missing and how to find it?
Thank you in advance

Hi welcome here. This is the installation source (Download) folder. Just right click the Setup file and choose launch as administrator then you should be able to install.

But before doing that I would suggest to check if DirectPlay is enabled on this Windows 10 installation.

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You were right, Directplay was clicked off. However I still dont have a game icon to click to launch the game…any ideas?

It could be that setup didn’t complete and aborted because DirectPlay wasn’t installed. Then you need to reinstall and have to remove it first through configuration panel -> add / remove software. Also it may require you to install the older .Net framework binaries, not sure about that one. But first search for ‘Age of Empires’ using the Cortana search glass in your taskbar. And don’t forget to launch the setup as administrator (don’t use the msi file).