Hera Arabia: Teamgames On This Map Just Aren't Fun Anymore

Worst idea ever. Feudal age becomes nearly irrelevant for 1v1. In team games, it will change army addition to castle age prioritization in mid feudal age. And then it will again be knights+xbows.

Its just going to bring games similar to 2020 Arabia TG. The same knight+xbows but more camping and lesser potential for aggression.

My suggestion would be a change in amount of food from natural resources, size of forests+ wood per tree, distance to forest and gold in each map generation just for team games. That 18 pop archer rush might not be always feasible. Tower, pre-mill drush or maa could become more feasible.

New/lower ELO players don’t even follow the meta at all. I know I’m around 1050 ELO in team games. Been playing odd game here or there to climb. People pick units at random, don’t play into their civs strengths. I played a game where the Ethiopian player decided to go Shotel Warrior…we needed ranged support and they could of destroyed the player they were next to because exposed wood/gold. To add insult to injury. The other team mate and myself were both going cavalry.