Hera think Celts need nerf (siege)

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That’s not what he says at all.

He specifically says he hates playing as them / against them, meaning he doesn’t know how best to utilize them or defend against them.

That’s a terrible reason to argue for a nerf.


He also said it feels OP :slight_smile:

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He also said they felt like trash.


oh look another “sTreaMer SaYs blah blah blah blah thErFoR it mUst be TrUe” thread.


Hera also put Keshik, old Boyar, Leitis, Konnik and Coustillier in same tier which is B tier. In reality, Keshik is stronger than all other unique cavalries. Pro aplyers just play better than everyone else. People wrongly think that they understand game philosophy more than everyone else.


Maybe Pro player know better?

No, they don’t. They don’t follow game changes as well as unit costs, hp, damage etc. For instance, Viper one time said Genoese Crossbowman has 3.0 RoF in castle age but it is reduced to regular 2.0 a long time ago.


No. Celts are fine. Siege takes ages to tech into and is very costly. Siege Onagers (and the tech) is very costly units. Where as someone like the Mayans can spam archers, long before you get your first Siege Onager out. Plus, the Celts could be raided, stopping them from long-reaching late doom deathball.

The Celts may need masses of trade carts to get the full deathball war machine going. As siege are both costly in wood and stone.

Celts have bad cavalry and archers. They don’t even have bloodlines and missing plate barding armor. Further more, the Celts need to get a castle and be IMP to unlock their great siege. Sure, they have wood gathering bonus.


What else now? Spanish need nerf because too op using only 1 vill to build starting house? :sweat_smile:


Viper defends against those rushes quite competently. Hera just dosent know how to deal with them and was having a hera fit that’s all

If anything Celts need a late game buff. With thumb ring or the last archer armour or bracer. Or even more options in their tech tree. Possibly handcannons. Since Scotland was one of the earliest adopters of gunpowder. (Cannons actually but that would be too op considering seige bonus)

Cuz right now how exactly are infantry and seige supposed to deal with gunpowder and bombards?

Or how can UU dependent infantry deal with samurai for example? Hera himself had to use surprise Celt paladin vs Japanese

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Ah yes, lets take away reasons to go for their siege by design

He didn’t say they need a nurf he just was saying he hates playing with and against the civ as he doesn’t know how to use them. He said they seem op when he is against them and trash when he plays as them. Nothing about nurfing them.

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There is a thing called strengths and weaknesses. Having holes in your tech tree diversifiers the game.

The Celts are clearly inspired by before the invention of gunpowder. In the tutorial campaign gun warfare was not in wide use, if not non-existent.

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