Hera's suggestion to buff Serjeants

Hera recently made a top 5 useless UU list. Serjeant didn’t appear as top 5 useless but got a(n) (dis)honorable mention.

He suggested basically giving the Teutons infantries’ ability of shooting arrow when garrisoned to Serjeants inside Donjon for free.

This will be a cool way to buff both Donjon and Serjeant which I believe the intention of civ design by devs. I liked the idea. And maybe even buffing Serjeant to have the ability inside all defensive buildings won’t be that bad.

The only thing I dislike about that it will make them even more similar to Teutons. They already share a lot of similarities - higher food to wood ratio from farm, conversion resistance, knight with extra armor, tanky but slow infantry UU, better than average tower, castle and TC for defense.

I don’t like Hera’s suggestion, I don’t want to have another tower rush focused civ.

Serjeants would be useful if we can make them from barracks. Simple solution - change “First Crusade” to “Serjeants can be provided in barracks, conversion resistance improved”.


Yeah i would also preffer train Sarjeants in barracks plus whatever buff.
Build faster, Repair faster and cheaper, Conversion resistance, charge attack, extra siege damage, gain some gold after killing X objetive like vikings or whatever.

Can sergeants repaor ships and siege?

They cant repair siege and it could be a problem if you try to right click to garrison Sarjeants inside a Ram, will they repair or go inside?

Serjeants are fine. Not every single UU should be Mangudai like. The reason that you don’t see Serjeants being used that much with Sicilians is because as Sicilians it is better to go with the tanky knight line that barely has a counter. Also Sicilians have arbs.

Fair enough. Donjon rush is easier to counter than generic tower rush though.

So Goths Anarchy UT with an additional effect? I don’t like it. Now all people want this UT for rest of the 40 civs.