Herbal Medicine change, feudal age healing buff via making certain buildings garrisonable and herbal meds moved to feudal

Possible changes:

Herbal Medicine - moved to Feudal Age

Barracks able to be garrisoned by infantry units

Archery range able to be garrisoned by archer types

Stable able to be garrisoned by cavalry types

Town center: Able to be garrisoned by cavalry and cavalry archers - or just the starting scout if it’s too strong or just light cavalry in general/scout line, etc

This will allow for an effective unit healing method in a time of the game where it can be utilized effectively both offensively and defensively before the time of the monks and would be healthy for injured villagers as well after the dark ages and into the dangerous feudal age and beyond.

Overall this is a huge buff to herbal meds both in the time it can be used as well as where it may be utilized.

Added ideas from comments:

Castle able to garrison siege units, trebs(packed), hussite wagon, organ gun, mangos, scorps, rams, etc

Fishing ships able to be garrisoned inside docks

Give all civs herbal meds

It has always bugged me that you can garrison some units initially, but not after you ungarrison once. Sometimes my archers want to go back into the range when knights arrive, or my trebuchets back into the castle. IIRC even some unique units cannot garrison into castlea after initial creation (organ guns, hussite wagons?). Docks especially should be able to garrison fishing ships during naval raids.

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I agree with you wholeheartedly there, fishing ships should definitely be able to Garrison in Docks and I firmly believe that all Siege should be able to Garrison within the castle. (Trebs when packed to keep balance)

As for siege workshops, I think it’s for the best to leave them as is to keep away from just hopping in and out of the building(it’s fine if they do it in the castle tho)

This would also be good for siege unique units such as organ guns who lose the ability to garrison(I think?)
And tend to be very vulnerable without a walled space to hide in when newly set out into the world even right next to the castle itself.

I don’t really agree with moving herbal medicine. Maybe if it let monks heal themselves at 50% speed as well or something? I really don’t agree with letting siege garrison again. It would be nice, but the game could get super campy, and there would be no reward for diving an entire army under a castle to snipe some BBCs/Trebs if they just hide in the castle and it kills everything. I do think however that regarrisoning infantry and archers might be reasonable, but not cavalry. Maybe only let infantry and archer regarrison into buildings that have less than 5 units in them, and slow down the rate of healing. I think it might be interesting if you could garrison the dismounted konnik in a stables though and it slowly reverts to the mounted version.

The only thing I think would be okay is the fishing ships infantry archers and cav being able to garrisoned in according buildings. Everything else is a no go.

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Yeah, those are the big ones. Let the horses go into the stable and the soldiers go into the barracks. It makes sense.

I’d also add Siege into Siege Workshops (they just came out, we know they fit), and at least unique units like Organ Guns into a Castle (they’re smaller than War Wagons, which pop in and out freely). Maybe trebuchets would be too strong if they could be protected after defending a castle.

Siege going back in would be a bad idea. I’m fine with UUs back in the castle, but imagine if someone is archer rushing, the other player pops their mangonel out of the workshop, flattens half the archers, and then hides again so they can repeat it.

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Putting herbal medicine in the feudal age would mean putting the monastery in the feudal age. With everything it implies as for getting relics quickly if you can start producing monks the second your reach castle age instead of first having to build the monastery.

As for extending garrison healing that much, it decreases the importance of monks and stone-costing buildings.

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Now that I think about it… what about civs that do NOT have herbal medicine, like the Byzantines ? This means that in the feudal age they would have an utterly useless monastery, only built earlier than it would in order to rush relics as soon as they reach castle age.

Whether or not the tech is moved to a different building or moving the monastery to feudal are all things to consider - for instance a likely building for it to be placed in would be the barracks

Well, that is why I’m for workshop/siege units only being able to garrison in castles instead of the workshop - as for trebs it’s best for them to only be able to garrison once packed to allow that window for them to be sniped between the unpacked state and packing, if attempting to pack at all/within distance of castle to pack/garrison quickly, etc

Why would a tech about healing be in the barracks? Makes zero sense

It could make sense in the TC, since it benefits villagers similar to Loom. It would need to have a very quick research time though, or players would never idle their TC for it.

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Aside from the tc, what about the university? Or the mill for that matter, I’d say at houses but huns lack those

The town center is likely the best place for it

allowing herbal medicine to be researched in feudal age would give certain civs an insane advantage against the civs who lack herbal medicine upgrade in their tech tree.

so if this were to be done, herbal medicine should flat out be available to all civs for it to be even remotely balanced.

i also don’t like the idea that this would buff archers/skirms in the early game this way after a successful rush raid… raid > retreat > heal > rinse repeat.

and by that same token, archer defense of a base would be near impossible to deal with, since wounded archers can simply be garrisoned, healed and then come back quickly to defend again, putting the attacker at a huge disadvantage assuming both sides have the same amount of archers +/- 1-2.