Herbal medicine should allow some buildings to heal near units

I think this will make this technology viable. After researching this technology, units near some buildings(castle, monastery, town center etc) get healed 6x faster of the garrisoned healing.

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It’s already pretty good. If you garrison in a Castle you get significantly faster healing than a monk, and it effects a lot of units at once. Most people just don’t really garrison, but even if you could heal near units, most people would either forget, or move their army away anyway.

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It would make defensive play almost impossible to break if units get healed super fast near castles. I would just make it affect monks also, but to lesser degree like x2 or x3


that’s a great idea, so ppl can spam elite longbows with 12 range and just sit under a castle, or making an offensive TC + 60 arbs/longbows and a few trebs, how are you going to stop that?

it should only count if the units are inside the building, like it is now.
How would you stop a persian castle push, fighting vs elite war elephants that are being healed by a nearby building 6x the rate of a monk? or elite war wagons?? this would completely break the game.

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