Herbal Medicine

As you know the Herbal medicine is a castle age tech that can be researced in the monastery which makes buildings heal 6X faster.
There are only four civs don’t have this tech, which they are:
-Byzantines (their monks heal 50% faster)
I just have a comment here that this tech should be available to all without any exception, this tech is directly connected to any unit and any fight balance in the game, fighting an enemy who have a castle in his back with this tech garrison his units to heal them 6X faster but you don’t is something should not happen, this tech should be available to all. Maybe some of you will say “ok, i never used this tech and i don’t think it is that much”. Yeah because you don’t know how much this tech is useful especially when fighting with a castle in your back

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Your argument is flawed. It’s basically “there should not be a situation where civ x has this tech and civ y doesn’t, therefore civ x has an advantage”. But you could argue this way about any tech in the game. The purpose of having multiple civs is that they have different options and are stronger in certain areas, while being weaker in others.

There are certain techs, which are crucial for the game and I think every civ should have them (loom, wheelbarrow etc.), but Herbal Medicine doesn’t seem to be one of those. It’s not useless, but it’s still a niche tech.

Does it hurt to give this tech to all civs? No, very likely not.
Does every civ need to have this tech? No, certainly not.

So you try to make it sound like an objective argument, but it’s just a very subjective point of view - because the game will be fine either way. So maybe you should try to argue accordingly - “I would like it to be” instead of “it should be” - because no, it should not, it barely matters.

That being said I would probably even think it would be a nice thing to just give it to all civs and have that option avaliable to players who want to use their apm that way. I just think your way of arguing for it is terrible.


It is not about a specific tech, the herbal medicine is more like a “generic/standard” tech not something make the civ special, it is just like any standard/major thing that any civ already have

Even techs like masonry or guard tower aren’t universal, I don’t think herbal medicine 100% needs to be a standard tech.


And how many times do you use towers?! I know that you would say the same for herbal medicine but unlike towers it not like an identity for the civ.

I think Masonry is actually a very good example by @CactusSteak2171
It’s helpful in a lot of situations (even more than Herbal Medicine), it’s not linked to a specific unit and still some civs don’t get it, while others do and some even get it 2 times.
It’s just a nice way to have some variety, even though it’s not desperately needed. Just some small flavours added to the civs.


It seems the problem here is that you don’t know how much the herbal medicine is useful to say the masonry is more importnat!!! The masonry is completely useless

To answer your question: guard towers are actually really useful in castle age when the enemy attacks you with mangonels because they do more damage to them than watch towers would. Lacking this tech is actually quite critical for Goths and Cumans since they want to boom but can’t defend as well against siege pushes.


Oh so on every mangonel i should build a tower what a solution! Are you joking man?! Who the hell want to spend 50w, 125s to stop a mangonel?! My point is not about comparing techs, but the herbal medicine is really more standard/generic than any other tech, you don’t how useful is having 6X healing speed to your army in castle in your back with a direct fight

Then play Aztecs and Vietnamese and tell me if you enjoy having your buildings fold to a breeze.

Regarding guard tower defense it’s not how it works. You need to build towers where you’re threatened, and not too much. One guard tower can easily kill several mangonels with some repair anyway.

wHo tHE hElL wAnT tO SpENd 650s tO hEaL? But anyway your argument is that it’s “useful” but can’t that be made of pretty much any tech (and most of them are better than herbal medicine)

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Man you already will need a castle anyway, about masonry just tell me how is +10% hp is really good?! And who cares about buildings, killing castles will be enough, if you have masonry if the trebs need 4 shots instead of 3 is this that much helpful?!

Its not about 10% HP, its about the armor. Depending on what is attacking you, masonry can double the effective health of your buildings. Thats huge.


Yeah but still not useful as much as herbal medicine

We saw herbal medicine used in 1, i repeat 1 pro game. Not last tournament, not last year - no, overall.

The tech has some use, but in almost all cases, you cant afford retreating your army to sit in a castel. You would rather keep the army active and fight for controll.

Masonry on the other hand is very common to get in imp or even late castel, just because it helps in so many ways. You will not have units garrisoned in your buildings every game, but you WILL have enemy units hitting your buildings every game.


false, Viper has used it a couple times just in the Champs tournament.

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A couple? i only remember the frank vs britons one.

I stand corrected then :slight_smile:

he used it against Hera too, can’t remember the game.

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Ah k - only saw that game from heras stream, so i ofc didnt see what techs he got.

Yeah you are right about that herbal medicine will be more useful in late castle age or to late/middle imp with your large army and castle here and there, but to compare the masonry with herbal medicine is not right at all, the herbal medicine is waaaay better to keep your army healthy and your resources in the bank at the same time, 6X speed healing is no joke

don’t get me wrong its still super niche and not used much, but yeah.