Herd sheep to a building 7 times broken?

Tried this thing 10 times now and it’s just doesn’t work.
Is there anything specific that needs to be done to accomplish this, or it’s plain broken?

So did I
I also try to complete this challenge many times but doesn’t work.
May be we did the wrong way?

+1 , tried like 3 times no success, tried to heard to differn buildings TC’s usw. without success.

Yeah, this thing is plain broken!
Tried again yesterday with no success.
I did herd sheep 20 times in the mill and TC, one at a time!

Hello guys,
i just figured out how to do this.

I simply did a 1vs1 skirmish vs Ai easy on Mountainpass medium size ( for extra sheep )
u → have to ← take France as Nation others dont work afaik.
Send the Scouthorsemen directly to single sheep around the towncenter u can activate full map vision.
direct single sheep with the Scout to the Towncenter and repeat it 7 times.
after that i just build a few armytroops and defeat the enemy AI player.

Hope i could help

I did the exact same thing, like 10 times already. It just don’t register the achievement. I’m on PC with XBox account, not Steam, if this makes any difference.

even with this tip it doesn work for me. This challenges are a clown show, ingame there is no hint for french, and even with the right civ it doesnt work.

Its just frustrating and a waste of time and this isnt the first time challenges are bugged.

dont click at the sheep and send it to the TC, otherwise it will fail :frowning:
get a sheep with the scout, right click to TC with scout and repeat this 7 times
my fault was, I always send the sheep to the TC … jesus