Herd walk distance

Is it normal than the herd walk that far by them self??


Nope, its not.
At least not on the legacy version.
The hunts on DE move around either way too quickly or way too far compared to before.
A lot of people here me included have complained about this before.
This was probably done to compensate for the maps having more resources near base, but this hurts the game more than it helps


As an avid Lakota player, I can concur that it is normal and very annoying.


I also sent email to dev but with no resp.
Seems they don’t treat this as a problem.

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It is an indirect buff to berries xD.

Yea and it’s super random. On map like ozark, all of the herds have this kind of pattern, sometime you have 5 herds walking on your side and sometime they don’t like your smell.

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They go too far. They seem to want to interfere with the game and find freedom.