Herdables in RoR!

Water Buffalos make an appearance:


Maybe they are just scenatio editor eyecandy.

AoE 1 DE starts at the end of paleolithic and doesnt have sense to gather herdables before tool age


What if you need the Domestication technology to be able to covert herdables?

I don’t think they will appear in most random maps, maybe there will be some maps that have them as a special feature.

But it’s nice to know that they are available at all so we can build scenarios with them.


Hopefully they kept the predators hunting gazelles mechanic. I always found that to be quite interesting. It’s quite weird how they dropped this feature in subsequent instalments of the franchise.


Not so weird for me. Imagine situation when in final match of some event one player lose his hunt because of lion and other have his all


It’s also funny that predators in AoE 1 carry food, in AoE 2 they don’t and in AoM they do again


That’s almost impossible to happen, because when lion hunts something then other animals all scatter around not stay near lion, which means that lion will kill only one of them unless something else pushes them towards lion.

They do carry but that food rots much faster compare to non predators. Only alpha/king predator food decays slowly, but these are only scenario and campaign animals.

Lots of new embellishments can be seen from those screenshots on Steam.

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Great! If they had time to add eye candy then its highly likely the cheat units have had their graphics updated.

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Definitely buying this DLC :slightly_smiling_face:

They should have a picture of a bunch of cheat units fight each other on the steam page, that would be cool.
AoE1 was super famous for its cheats. Some people just played it for the cheats.


Herdables are absent in the EGCTV tournament matches :neutral_face:

Probably scenario editor/campaign only.

They might be in megarandom maps.

Herdables are generated as part of a random map script, so if there are no herdables in RoR games, presumably that means it uses different random map scripts from regular AoE2. Either that or scripts now allow separate support for RoR (like they already do for different game modes, e.g. Regicide, Empire Wars, etc.).

No herdables on the gameplay shown on random maps from youtubers and the twitch tournament