Here's a bug about Swedish

windows10 steam beta


I found a bug that causes the Carol Soldier to accelerate indefinitely. If you set the hotkeys for proximity mode and continuous fire mode to the same key and press that hotkey while moving the carol soldier around, it will accelerate.


I forgot to mention, I’m using the translation function for this text, so I apologize if it’s hard to understand.


Same result as you, but do not need to set hotkeys. Just press melee mode hotkey again and again while Caroleans is moving, its speed will increase exponentially.


Used your method and managed to reproduce the bug.
Funny thing, overflowing the speed does not crash the game, but you end up with negative speed — the unit just behaves kinda weirdly.

Extra info: changing back to normal fire mode returns the unit to the normal speed.


I have a video of this in action. It’s pretty unsurprising to look at - they’re just really fast. In this video the max speed achieved is 43 but as others have mentioned, higher is attainable by just repeating the same method more. I guess I’m just posting to prove it’s real.


After the latest update they got nerfed again by the looks fo it. Why did they have to change the Caroleans in the first place… :frowning: They were fine but now they are broken.