Here's how to win everytime

In the lower rank, MAA’s difficulty to counter was a damnable problem, because not all players were skilled to use horsemen to maneuver counter-attack or reach age3 while enduring the torches from MAA, and you shouldn’t urge all new players to play those civs with heavy armor units in early age.

I must admit that MAA wasn’t a very offensive unit after you master some combat skills, but for ordinary players, MAA was really a kind of unfriendly oppressive force.

Perhaps lower armor and lower price will be a considerable idea.

you are trying to not understand the situation or you are not capable to understand i will explain you step by step:
english can get longbows from council hall with x2 speed they dont pay anything other civs pay wood and time to build stable , while you make 1 horseman your enemy is making 3 longbow when they reach the number enough they nearly 1 shot your horseman and 1 shots at the later stages.Since they didnt pay anything to building that create those archer mass they can go for counter of your counter which is spearman even there is 1 spearman in that archer mass you are finished you lost the map control so thats why game needs a ranged anti range unit

Instead nerf MAA I would just buff spears melee damage. They already got buffed and now they are a good response against MAA, if you got the numbers. But maybe +1 attack in feudal spears would act as the “nerf” you are saying. I would not nerf arrow armor to MAA, since they are supposed to be a tanky unit to distance units.

@Marc4770 if you know how to use Delhi properly, you must mass spears and horsemen, and use your monks to heal your units. You can mass a lot more units than HRE can mass MAA, and also horsemen has a lot of mobility, so you can raid gold, food, wood, and idle his eco whereas protecting your base and getting sacred sites.

You don’t need more than 3 villagers on gold to keep pushing constantly monks, if you build the tower of victory, and your units would have +15% attack speed, and if you secure a few sacred sites you can gain a gold advantage while spamming trash units.

I dont know, I never have issues against longbow in age 2. I just build 2-3 stable and I always crush them.

what rank are you? wasd

False. MAA are not faster than archers. 1.125 tiles/sec vs 1.25 tiles/sec


Please don’t necro a post from 9 months ago. I don’t even agree with this anymore, it worked well in gold/silver league, but at diamond and/or with new meta it doesn’t make any sense.

And by the way, HRE MAA run faster than archer because they have a unique tech for movement speed.

Also when charging they have move speed bonus compared to retreating units.