Hero skin events question

Greetings People,

Due to lapse of brain activity on my part I did not play the november event and I just saw the sweet Aztec hero skins in the home city screen. Will these be obtainable again somewhere in the future or have Ol’ Montec and the Sun God walked out of temple city never to return?


I have a feeling they will be doing an event relatively soon where they will allow every past reward to be gained again. They did/are doing this for AOEII. There was a bug where some of the avatars from release did not get saved to peoples’ accounts (including mine), so I think this could be their solution. I highly highly doubt they would let those wonderful skins go to waste. Don’t worry!


By the way hero’s nimbus in city looks strange, in my opinion…

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Thanks for replying! There is hope then :relaxed: