Hi Devs: Please Remove Muslim Boars on Mini-Map & Delhi Cattle Note

  • (1) Please, it would be nice on the mini map if the bright boar symbol was not there for players when using Abbasid, Delhi, Mali, or Ottoman. It is distracting and I cannot eat them. I kill them sometimes just to get them off my mini-map when I am looking for the remaining dear. (But this eliminates them from my allies being able to eat them actually). Can we just have them not show up on the mini-map? Like wolves. Perhaps, instead of white, they can be a softer color like gray. The berries are hard to see but meanwhile the boar is too big and bright.
  • (2) Totally unrelated and unimportant. Occasionally an ally is able to kill and eat Malian cattle. Perhaps Delhi should not be able to do this due to their Hindu element. No one cares I am sure, just a thought.

Thanks for reading.

I highly disagree on this statement. Even if u can’t harvest from the boar, it is essential to know where ur opponent might harvest from the boar. Many strategies place a tc next to a boar for a very strong early boost in food eco. Which also makes it one of the most vurnable positions to attack ur enemy.