Hi there, I need explain why I get baned from multiplayer

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Hi, any one is admin here I need ask for why I get multiplayer suspension 11hour. ??? What thing I do??? And if ranked I pick civ and other choose random and I must follow them :)) simple I gg at 5 min after start game. Horrible choice for team ranked game :)). Replyme if you see this topic thank a lot. I fell very bad about game near time

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You already know the reason then, you got reported by the other players for intentionally resigning even tho you weren’t losing, it’s against the rules


Just dodge the queue when you see someone choose random

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: 2 don’t want random and 2 random how you can balance this one. Haizz rank

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As long as one of your teammate choose random, the game can be random.