Hi, what do you think, we need a promt message when a ranked automatch is found?

im talking with someone, listening o music, doing other things, and other people is waiting for a ranked match, then suddenly they found me on their team and i am browsing the web etc and when i open the game again i found that my allies have resigned, so sad for them that they found me on ranked match.

But who cares? this a common problem, that has been ignored. I have reported it before

Solution: when a match is found the game appears in front of you, not a sound, not a notification, the game appears in front of you (ony our screen, interrupting what your browsing on the web) to tell you that you have found a match

i dont know if this is realizable on this game, but meanwhile i just can say sorry. for this, but this will continue happenning, sorry for that 7 minutes quee that you will have to quee again to wait another 7 minutes


Well this is a part of the worse User interface we got in DE. Legacy was interactive and it kept you engaged while searching , allowed you making and searching friends.

But for now, yes an option to enable / disable notification sound+popup would be really nice.


I’ll keep repeating this over and over, it’s not a priority of the devs, they won’t even have money for it, the devs don’t care about the UI and related features unless it’s requested by everyone all the time with high support

Just a sound signal would be sufficient and probably very easy to add. It is one of the most needed QoL features we are still missing IMHO.


I have always wanted that. In aoe2 when a ranked match is found a loud sound is played. In aoe3 when doing other things match is found, no notification, that’s why player doesn’t notice it resulting in a lot of afk players.


technically there is a sound, the civ jingle always play when you are loading in

The problem here is that if you are tabbed out then the game sound is kinda irrelevant, the game would have to have a pop up that interrupts other programmes