Hidden Cup 4 Stats

and that’s fine, but the fact is vikings is one of the best civs in the game. your personal bias doesn’t change that.


The Vikings are my third favourite water civ though.

Well to answer the question: people ban Vikings a lot because they don’t want to risk facing them on Islands. Then there are people who pick them and waste them on Arabia for some reason 11

I think the Viking team bonus should be changed to Docks work 20% faster because civs like Britons, Huns, Goths, Celts have team bonuses like that because they are the best at what they specialise in and since no other civ can go up against a Viking galley rush I really think they should have that as a bonus.

You know after thinking about it for a while I am starting to think that the Vikings are a really good civ and now my least favourite civ is Malay.

It is Koreans that has the worst cavalry in game, not Vikings. Also Malay has arguably worse than Viking especially when you are talking about late game only. BE without 2 armors and BL just melt to helb.


Meh. Korean do have husbandry, and while their cavalier is worse than the Viking one they do have hussar.


No eco for Koreans. If Vikings had BL, they would literally become one of the best knight civ in castle. Their cav is better than some of the cav with BL but no eco honestly.

In the end, it is debatable. Koreans, Vikings and Malay…all 3 are the top candidates.

Well Viking knight rush is the only thing that doesn’t make them a straight downgrade since if both civs happen to have to use cavalier, they will both try and tech out of it ASAP so the lack of blast furnace shouldn’t hurt Korean too long. Depends if you value a short power spike in castle over late game raiding. Malay are hard to rate just because their stable is carried by their eles.

literally watching HC4 where vikings, in the late game, are absolutely wrecking vietnamese in the late game… imp skirms + light cav no match for elite skirm + ths with chieftains.

yes because we absolutely should make vikings even better on water…

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What if Burgundians started the game with some farms to make up for their current struggles?
It would fit well with their theme of being a rich vineyard province.


After Ragnarok in imp, empire wars in dark? What about no.


Empire wars? We were only talking about 1/2 farms.

And memish rev isn’t ragnarok, it’s just some dudes and girls with a pointy stick not Norse warriors Kappa.

Are those stats correct? Lithuanians are more effective than chinese in this HC?

Red Bull Empire War setting only has 2 farms. So adding 1/2 farm means it is Empire War with boars.

Empire Wars has way more than 2 farms. At least you have to work for the food, it’s not an instant bonus. Also, in Dark Age, you have sheep, berries, deers and boars, so it’s not like you would get something out of 1/2 farms that would break the game. You could still place the villagers on berries, etc.

There is a desire to ridicule the idea at any cost…

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Inca start with a llama. Llama has 100 food and can be gathered by more than one villager. It is not a broken bonus.
Dark age farm has 175 food but only can be gathered by one villager.
Thus, starting with one farm is not so broken.
To make this bonus more unic, I would make the free farm related to mill construction.
Example: “Mills start with one farm queued”. This would mean they would have one free farm after building the mill and reseeding one farm. The advantage of this idea is that you can mix this bonus with the earlier farm upgrades if you want, so the free farm benefits from wheel-barrow.
In that case, it would be better than a llama, but with a delayed effect. And it wouldnt be as powerful as teuton or sicilian bonuses.
Also, the bonus would make milling deer more interesting with burgundians because you can partially recover the mill investement from the free farm.


Lithuanian are advantaged on more maps than Chinese in HC so yes it’s normal.

If it can make you feel better I’m not “ridiculing” the idea more than those from the devs lol. It’s just that these civs are full of gimmicks and are overburdened with restrictions as a result, so it’s no time to keep piling up more gimmicks.

They have potent siege, siege rams, Arbalesters, pikeman which performs better than Cuman Halberdiers against Cavalry, population efficient infantry especially the UU and great navy.

Cavalry Archers and monks are used by specific civs. Siege Onagers aren’t seen much in 1vs1. So the only bad thing in their tech tree is their cavalry, but they still have that unlike meso civs.

If I were to change Vikings: I would interchange the unique techs (Chieftains in Imperial Age) and make Dock team bonus to -20%.