Hidden features? (Looking into aoe IV's files)

Interestingly enough it seems a lot of features people were complaining about might already be in the game? Or at least are currently being worked on?


Optimistic news for sure. The voice chat addition caught me by surprise and may be a really good addition if used correctly by people, really curious to see how it will play out.

He states a disclaimer: “None of these are really guaranteed to be ready by launch, or perhaps even at all”

But then proceeds to mention things as if they will for sure be in the game:

  • “Voice chat is confirmed… thank you devs for including this!”
  • “Taunts… will be a part of the game. Rest assured, folks… both menu and in-game taunts are a part of the code and will be part of the game”

*scratches head * :confused:

Some nice finds, though


Those are hyperboles my friend - hence the disclaimer in the beginning. Since it’s extremely likely that these will be in the final game, there’s no point in me repeating myself in every point “but we don’t know for sure”. Make a disclaimer in the beginning and follow through with the rest of the script :slight_smile:

Anyway, for me the biggest issue tbh is the lack of communication. One summarized post from the Devs after the Stress Test ended would’ve calmed people down here and on other platforms, because people were questioning if basic things like Taunts or Chat Filter Toggling would be in the final game. I wish we didn’t have to look into the files to get this basic info about the game.


Some of these features are already implemented. When I read the code, I’ve seen many comments and extra piece of code that hid these features for the Cardinal Beta. So… given this, I’d wager that these are extremely likely existing features that were shut off/hidden for the specific build we played.

For example, they specifically hid the Chat Filter toggle based on the code below. It clearly states “not exposed in Cardinal”:


If these features are truly there or being worked on, why is it so difficult devs to just make a post somewhere and say so? I guess Microsoft is deliberately stopping marketing for some reason.

The forums are full of criticism and nobody says anything ever to calm people down. Like “Don’t worry about the minimap too much. There will be options to customize it to suit your gameplay” would be a good response without really giving anything away.

I’m totally in favor of disabling some features in the beta, but they should tell us what features are disabled so that we can provide better feedback on the stuff they really need feedback about.


Fully agree man. I loved your video on this, it doesn’t make any sense for the devs to lose community support unnecessarily. If it is part of “create hype” by staying silent, its the stupidest marketing strategy ever.

I just think it is absolutely possible they are behind on schedule and are trying to avoid committing to anything unnecessarily and set any sort of expectations, because the disappointment of having an issue is lesser than the disappointment of the breaking hopes of having the issue fixed!

Having said that key issues need acknowledgement and not in the way they treated Zoom with a bit of indifference. For example - Hotkey customization is an issue they don’t even want to acknowledge. None of the Beta or the feedback they requested talked about customized hotkeys.


Yes this was exactly my point. As I was making the video, I glanced on so many posts bashing/asking Devs about these basic features and I was shaking my head.

Yupe, all it takes is one post. “Folks, we’ve temporarily disabled features x, y, and z, but they are a part of the game, don’t worry.” That’s it.

This is my best guess as well. I think they’re just avoiding committing on anything on purpose to avoid getting crucified on release. But here’s the thing - they DON’T have to commit to anything. They can just bundle everything under “we’re working on it, not sure if it’ll be ready by launch, but we’ll add it at some point.”

Adam did this in an interview regarding Hotkeys so that gave me a sigh of relief as well, knowing that being able to Hotkey everything is on the horizon, even if not by launch.


and what about the volumetric lighting? what did you find about that , can you pass me a screenshot pls?

Are the code really readily available in clear text? How?

Search for the config file in the game’s files, or look for user settings text file in My Documents… You’ll find a lot of these referred on there :slight_smile:

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Just open the “configuration_user.lua” file with a text editor and you should be able to read it.



I’d assume this means we will be able to choose colours as well.

Does this indicate custom keybindings?


Honestly, even if they are to fix things in the DLC packs, I hope they release a thread of things they will add later. Instead of launching the game, people getting disappointed that certain things aren’t there and dropping the game just because they went silent after launch. Atleast if they launch the game and go “we are releasing DLC with this and this” then people will hype still and wont refund pre orders.

In the video I saw something about model texture sliders. Does that mean they will add more detail to units? I hope so.

We don’t know this unfortunately. Models are most likely already maxed out and that slider is for lower-end machines I’d reckon. But, I could be wrong!

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Notice how the textures in the ingame preview were not clear. You couldn’t tell robe from metal armour. The gold hardly looks anything aesthetic. And the details are just bland.

Like can you even tell that within this screenshot is knights, horsemen, camel archer, camel rider, spearmen, archer, man at arms, crossbowman?

Look in a snippet of the trailer though

Look at how beautiful the Gold colour is, and look how you can notice the finer detail?

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We need to compare the same units to one another to be able to tell definitively. But perhaps, who knows? I think the build they showcased for French vs Rus also was crispier, though it could be placebo.


hehehe just trying not to get our hopes up xD