Hidden Homecity, Hidden Score & Hidden Trade/Native Posts

I’ve already “polluted” a few threads with these :bulb: s , so I thought it 'bout time i made a thread dedicated to the topic.

I believe enemy homecity decks, game score, and trade/native posts should each be hidden until the end of a game. All 3 references indicate too much during a game.

Homecity issue
Knowing your opponent has a card or doesn’t have a card is often a tell tell sign of things to come/not coming. Some decks are created with versatility and are considered standard more or less but others are specific to one or 2 strats!! Looking up the latter deck gives the strats away long before there is a build to be scouted… example if I have a bunch of native cards in deck what do you think is likely my gameplan? What about a TON of water cards? Merc shipments and buffs? Knowing such info by merely looking at my deck within the first minute or so of the game isn’t fair RTS countering. This forces ppl to NOT make decks that are dead give aways OR they pick the obvious give away decks and hope to execute exceptionally.

Another issue with the enemy homecity being unveiled is some civs HAVE to pick their decks much earlier than others and therefore do NOT get an equal opportunity to counter pick homecity decks without penalty of delayed first shipment. Especially in some cases where shipment exp is part the civ bonus and/or strat of choice.

Game score issue

Game score reveals overall strength of your opponent economically and/or militarily. Furthermore close tracking of an enemy’s game score can tell you when certain shipments have arrived!!? This constant pulse of your enemy power helps you know if you’re ahead or desperately behind and actively influence game decisions.

Trade and Native Posts

I think of all the points mentioned this one is just straight up a no brainer. Why is it I should be required to scout your base and/or the map for stables barracks consultants but natives and tradeposts give real time indicators that they have been taken??? The absolute ONLY way this would be fair is if EVERY GAME all tradepost and natives HAVE TO BE CONTROLLED AT ALL TIMES…even in that case one could argue the responsibility is on the players to scout. It just not RTS fair! Even worse is when the game TELLS you which native/trade post is taken if you merely attempt to place a foundation on said post while its in the fog of war…

Forgotten Empires making these SMALL adjustments would put more emphasis on scouting and scouting abilities and maybe spies would become a bit viable outside of countering merc and Warchief/Asian heroes. Also said changes would allow for overall more versatility in homecity decks and builds.

In conclusion having access to all the info listed above forces the game to be played in an extremely cookie cutter way when playing to win!!

  • Hide all things mentioned
  • Hide enemy player’s game score
  • Hide enemy player’s homecity deck
  • Hide native and trade post indications
  • DO NOT hide any of these things

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+1 to Hidden Homecity & Hidden Trade/Native posts

Hidden Scores may be too controversial but Hidden Homecity Decks need to happen for competitive integrity. It’s too easy to look at someone deck and find their niche plan, if they don’t make it with all generic things, to hide their plan.


I realize there are other viewpoints and/or things I’ve not considered. I welcome these points so we can have a healthy chat!


The funny thing is enemys that have revolted have their decks hidden!!! So this is already a concept in the game… granted we all know what a revolt deck looks like but that wasn’t my point.


I would love to see these suggestions implemented as options. One can host a game and e.g. turn the option to see an opponent’s deck off. Would be intriguing.

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the game score must be removed only in free for all games because u can know when players are fighting and u can take advantage of that…