Hidden Micro Mechanics in AoE4

In age of Empires 4 when players discover new micro techniques using things some people may think are unintended what will be the response? For Example in Starcraft 1 mutalisk micro where you have to control group them with a non-mutalisk to get better micro.

Or Starcraft 2’s finding of Magic box for mutalisks people thought was broken vs thors for a while at the start (yea seriously).

In Age of Empires 4 when players find these techniques what will be the response? I believe I have found many tricks already, but for now I will share two. 1 involving Boats and one involving trebuchets. I have them in this video here: 5 Gameplay Tips You Probably Didn't know in Age of Empires 4 - YouTube

Ill try to explain though. For boats that have a cone type of attack you can spin them around in order to fire from the other side of the boat. I am going to call it Pivot Micro. I have not seen anyone else discuss this mechanic nor seen anyone else use it. You are able to cause the boat to do almost double damage to one side using this method. Will Relic decide this is un-intended or will they allow us to keep it? If so it makes for an interesting micro technique on the water.

The other I have found is for trebuchets. You can animation cancel to force them to fire 5 seconds quicker. Literally just Pack → Unpack after firing and it will fire 5 seconds sooner than if you left it to do its insanely long firing animations. This one is probably not intended as well, but it makes it so if you control the units it is stronger.

Has anyone else found some of these hidden micro techniques? If so what are they and how do you think Relic will respond to these. They may patch them out, but I’d argue it’s more fun to leave things like this in the game.


These seem more like exploits. Would you like to have to do these in every game? I wouldn’t. I’d rather have real micro mechanics implemented.