Highlanders for Brits

Can someone please make a mod that allows the British greater access to highlanders. Highland regiments have been a staple of the British army since the act of union and I think they are largely under represented in the AOE3de British Civ.

I think that a relatively balanced way to do this is by changing the mechanic on the “Black Watch” church tech card, that normally delivers 8 highlanders in age 3, to instead allow Brits to train highlanders from Barracks, Galleons, forts, etc. (the price of such a research tech should be increased to around 2000 food).

I think to make them stand out from highlanders available to other nations, the “Black Watch” highlanders should have a green/blue tartan and be affected by all the British musketeer’s home city cards (musk/gren damage 15%, team musk/gren hitpoints 15%, and musk/gren combat 15%) but be given an additional food cost (200 coin + 100 food + 2 pop).

I would be greatly appreciative if someone could make this mod for me or tell me how I could make it myself, thank you!

Ps. If you could also add the ability to train drummers from the church that would be very useful too as the “Thin Red Line” tech really slows down my British infantry. (Maybe add surgeons there too :wink: )

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There ya go, it’s a bit of a rushjob. If there’s something not right I can fix it later.

Church tech enables Highlanders and you can get drummers through a new Hanover alliance card.


Omg thank you so much!!! I’ll try it out now :innocent::innocent:

I’ve just tried it out and it works perfectly. Thank you again so much sorting out this mod for me and the rest of the community. Only thing I’ll say is, is it possible to have the British musketeer home city cards affected highlander as well giving them an extra 15% hp and 30% attack buff? This would be ideal for late-game or treaty.

You’re welcome.

This was just some copy/paste work from other mods I made so it could be done quite fast.
I’ll look into the cards later tonight when I have some more time, but it shouldnt be that much work.


You’re an absolute legend!!!

Please let me know when you update it.

Thanks a million, you’ve really made my day :wink:

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I’ve just updated it. the musk/gren combat and attack cards should now also affect Highlanders.


hey for some reason this mod isn’t popping up when I click the link. Can you repost the mod please?

I didnt think there was still need for it after the latest patch, but I reuploaded it for you:

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