Highlighting Community Content (Event themed Scenarios/ Tournament Maps)

People have complained, that Single Players don’t really get new content.
First of all, I disagree, they got the Mongol and Barbarossa Challenge, which were said to be available again indefinitely at a later stage.
I hope this will be better integrated with the new main menu.
Now, not every event is getting a new Challenge, however there is an active community for mods, maps and scenarios. Why not integrate these better?

I have already seen a suggestion in another Thread, that after each big tournament with custom maps (Battle of Africa, Red Bull Wololo, Hidden Cup) there should be a vote to incorporate one of these maps into the game maps, which will allow it to also be placed into the ranked map pool.

Why not do a similar thing for the events? With each event, they could highlight a specific community made scenario that fits the theme of the event, and make it a temporary challenge, much like the Barbarossa Brawl.
They can either pick these themselves, only pick from ones that are sent in to them by the maker, or let the community vote on them.
A separate tab under single player could then store all these scenarios, so people can keep playing them.

I’m sure this would motivate more people to make scenarios, it would reward the community for their effort, it would give people new content and it would be a rather minor investment of resources for the developers.