His 120 Vils to my 70

I just don’t get it. Was playing online today. Thought I was getting a good start. Looked at the scores. The guy first had almost 2000 points head of me. Got my butt kicked. Looked at the stats after the game. He had 120 vils to my 7. Obviously collected more resources as me. His army 45 to my 20. Im getting better at using hot keys but I don’t understand how someone using the Brits eco could boom that quick over mine.

Any ideas how he had that many more vils than me? He did age about 5 mins before me to castle. Would that extra town center cost me that much time in 6 mins?

The britons have cheaper TCs, maybe he used that for him and got more TCs (maybe two?) earlier than you, thus producing more vils earlier.
Could be that you let your TC idle for some timr, or didn’t match his amount of TCs. There’s the raiding too.
Do you have the recorded game? It’s waaay easier to see what went wrong by rewatching the game.

Just don’t use hotkeys lol, I’ve never used them and I’m a top player. Yes a video would be good, should have been recorded as it’s on by default

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An extra TC will give your opponent an advantage quick. If you’re aggressive early scouting and harassing they will be more focused on defense. New TCs and forward positions should be contested with any military that you have just remember to avoid losing battles. Withdraw and regroup adding the correct unit counters if needed. Never leave you opponent alone too long. Control map and keep your opponent occupied. If you keep most of the fight in or just outside the enemy base it gives your economy the rest of the map to safely grow

How are you a top player with a mouse lol Everyone always tells me you need to learn hot keys to be good

well i never needed to, but if you want to test me out give me an add on Steam :stuck_out_tongue:

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No No I don’t doubt you. I was just wondering if you had any tips for another mouse user?

Use the minimap a lot

I wouldn’t want to question you being a top player or not, but hotkeys add way more speed to your game.

I like having a hand free to do other things (and no I don’t mean masturbating)

I fell bad for your mouse lol
Before i used hotkeys, i would have like 4-5 differents mouses a year. In 2017, i had like 5 and last year i had 3. This year, only 2 so far. Of course this means nothing, as their quality was debatable (the cheapest piece of plastic one can buy) but it does saves clicking - reducing wear and increasing lifetime.
As for the free hand, typing stuff like “is it normal to masturbate while playing aoe?” is a good way to deal morale damage to the opponent. You should try it. Just sayin’.

Not a good practice 111.

I used one mouse for 10+ years before, and every time I left clicked to make a unit it would make 2-3

10 years? Now that’s quality stuff - people don’t make mouses like they did back in the day, heh?
Here I am, with 5 differents mouses in front of me, 4 broken and only one barely working. None of these had more than half a year of use - which is a good lifetime, considering they are all made by underpaid chinese people and were proplably smuggled to my country.
Which mouse do you have? Not a 5000 USD Razer, i hope?

Now or before? Before a had a beefy MS mouse. Now it’s Logitech.

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Same here, screw the low-quality things. (Sorry for the language :sweat_smile:)

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There is absolutely zero chance you are a top player and never use hotkeys. Either you use some hotkeys (not all are required) or you simply are not a top player. Yes it does not impact your strategy choices but this is also a real time game so you also have a time budget to perform actions. With equal strategy choices the faster player will win purely due to efficiency. You simply won’t be fast enough to queue military, queue villagers, and micro your army right when they all needed and so you will fall behind your opponent who can perform those tasks faster than you.

Which Hotkeys are worth learning?

In my opinion, unit production hotkeys. Someday you will find yourself in a hour long game, having to span thousands of halbs/skirms/hussars. Doing that without hotkeys is pure ■■■■.
Buildings hotkeys are a bit harder, and most are not that important imo. Memorizing how to build farms or houses is good enough for a start.

hot keys are very useful and worth learning . When the game first came out the Hkeys were different . When the steam edition came out they revamped it to a ASDF And QWerty style so I have to learn the hot keys all over again but now that I have I think it’s very intuitive . Keep the tooltip help on and mouse over something like villager train or buildings or military unit training and you will see the hot key. Start memorizing them and you’ll have it down in no time . Somethings new players might not realize about hotkeys is that they follow a similar structure to your operating system . For example pressing shift and a training hot key will train five units instead of just one . Pressing control “b” Will go to the first Barricks created and if you keep pressing control b you will cycle through all the Barricks that you’ve built . Town center is more simplified just pressing H will take you to your first town center and H again will take you to the next town center and so on . Also Ctrl plus the numbers one through zero will give whatever you’ve selected that control group so it’s easy to go back to . If I run into a situation where I have to create tons of units to counter Cavalry i’ll double click a Barricks which will select all the Barracks on screen and I will assign it to control nine and press shift S multiple times counting to myself 5, 10, 15, 20 depending upon how much pop I have and this will quickly train Pikemen. Control group hot keys are very useful when two armies are facing off so that your counter units will attack the most appropriate enemy unit maximizing your damage. There’s also a lot of other ways to use hotkeys… start to dabble I think you’ll really like it… also I almost forgot one other very useful hot key is to Garrison units inside of a building hold down alt And right click the building

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