Historical battles

Did they stop that?

Especially an historical battle during the Egypt campaign, being a big fan of Napoleonic wars.
It would be nice an historical battle, on a full sand map, with the pyramids and the Sphinx and perhaps sand storms, a bit like blizzars on snow maps.

And by the way add pyramids to the Egyptian maps cuz they look like any other African maps.

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What do you think about that ?

I think they switched to “historical maps” in KoTM because that does not require re-designing maps (all of them are based on skirmish maps) or voice acting.

It’s pretty obvious that several aspects of KoTM were rushed (understandable because there are also tons of new stuff though): recycled campaign units, no sp scenarios, Maltese civ using other civs’ voicelines, re-used animal models and terrains from other regions, etc…

Maybe we’ll see more in future updates.


Yes, maybe if a new Asian dlc comes out, the historical battles will come back…

The only way to know is to wait until the next DLC. I hope for Historical Battles instead of Maps, but we shall see. Remember, most players are SP, so it’s a good idea to make more SP content

Yes, or that interspersed historical maps and historical battles…

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I like Historical Maps, as they have more replayability.


Yes, I expected new historical battles, but the historical maps were very interesting additions…

More historical battles and more fun!

Maybe have Historical Battles with more bonus objectives.

Yes, maybe if they add another Asian DLC, we will have historical battles in Asia (in AoE 2 we have 6, in AoE 3 we would have 3) (or 4 counting Chubash Cape)…

If the only the AI actually knew how to manage map assets like the capturable villages and factories.

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I’d love to see, if we get Persia, something like one of Nader Shah’s great battles like Karnal or Kirkuk.

I’d love to see the Fall of Constantinople (I wonder how the make the Byzantines) & Battle of Lepanto

Without adding Greeks, the only way would be a campaign only civ. You could use a Greek civ for Constantinople AND the Battle of Navarino.

I tried making a direct port of AoE2 Lepanto for Wars of Liberty, but Rodeleros weren’t available in the European barracks

Speaking of ports, I got like 90% of the first AoE2 Aztec campaign scenario. If anyone wants it, I would be glad to provide it, so they can finish it.

Yes, it could be… it could also be battles against the Ottomans in the 17th century…

@Troteck made the Fall of Constantinople with Ottomans and Spanish…

Good luck with that…