History about Philip II of France is way too complicated and confusing. lol

I’m making a custom campaign of AOE2: DE: Philip II of France.

Now I’ve almost done with the first scenario of the Siege of Acre (-1191).

However, its intro agonizes me… Have no idea at all how to set it. The French history of him is way too complicated and confusing! What the hell! :frowning:

There’re so many many many "Philip"s and "Henry"s as if they’d been clones, and Philip II and Richard the Lionheart had… good relationships and bad relationships…? Then, the relationship between England and France was… what…? OMG… Impossible to deal with it.

Maybe, I have to skip all the other relationships between the two countries but only focus on the battles conducted by Philip II.

Now I understand why there’re few custom campaigns of HRE and France. People know they’re way too confusing and complicated.

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