Holidays are coming

I already would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Joining together with your family hopefully in peace and honor all newborn life.
Make it a time of peace and love, forget all differences a while.

Please don’t forget the following.
It’s always our own division which stands in the way of humanity, peace and happiness.

But we all like to play the same game. And we all deserve too!

Peace, love and a happy new year to all Age brothers and sisters.

We all can start a new kind of Age of Empires, a better kind, ■■■■ money. That’s my wish for 2019.

Love you all,


Merry Xmas to everyone and you as well! :christmas_tree:

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Thank you my friend for supporting my message.

I think it’s a much better message than giving up on net neutrality and more China like Big Brother is watching you through all kinds of energy consuming technical complications. We all know why someone is bashing all the tech giants en media so hard and in certain ways they deserve to because of their low life ethics. And I’m actually sure the big boss agrees with me on all of this too. Everyone should. Technology should benefit science and humanity. Security monitoring is private business and not public or government’s business. Your freedom is at stake too!

Haha, ok then :smiley: