Hollow Square Unit Formation

I’ve had a few opinions on reddit. For the most part positive.

Simple square formation.

Can be used while retreating to cover exposed flanks from charges.

Monk, Ele, Aux, Arti, vills

It would require some decent micro-ing but it has potential to make for some good e sports viewing.

  • Someone made the point that when engaging, the troops at the back would be useless. -
    Simply just turn off the formation. The units would default to attack and would fan out much like line formation. Wrapping round the enemy units. (Which in my opinion is more useful than the default grouping) Allowing more time for the units you were defending to get away.

  • “Fix the line formation first” -
    Just brain storming

Can’t really think of a reason why this wouldn’t be beneficial, maybe a bit OP is used correctly.

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